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Interview with Yige from 'Yet Another Makeup Blog'!

Hello everyone! 
Today I'm bringing you another interview, this time with wonderful beauty & lifestyle blogger Yige from 

Hello Yige! I hope you're well. Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed; I thought we'd just jump straight in with the questions, so; What’s your favourite topic to write about or your favourite kind of post?

This is a difficult one, but probably Favourites, because I get to share my excitement for things to my readers and posts on my thoughts (not reviews though), because I think it's nice to share my thoughts. You might notice that I don't do either of these posts very often, even though they're my favourites to write about, but it's because I think that it's really important to actually put your real thoughts and feelings into something otherwise it feels quite boring, like a school text book.

My favourite posts to read are probably room deco inspirations, and DIY's because I love crafty thing and I could never do them myself!

I completely agree, it's great to read a bloggers honest opinions! What’s your favourite post of yours so far and why?

Sneak peek!

Definitely my zodiac inspired make up looks, which you can read here, at first I thought it would be a really good idea to do one but then I would think that there was no way that I could be that creative. However, after some sketches and research on the zodiac, I actually surprised myself with what I was able to create, so you never know what you could achieve if you don't try! (Some great inspirational tips there) But the other reason to why I love it so much is that I really enjoyed doing the make up looks, editing the pictures and seeing it published on my blog.

Wow, it looks amazing! And, can you tell us what are your top three blogs to read and why are they so great?

I think I've answered this type of question before, and I could never answer them, because I don't want to say really popular blogs like Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter, obviously they're amazing but there are smaller blogs that are just as amazing. I read and follow a lot of blogs, and I only follow the ones I like so it's hard to choose only 3, but off the top of my head, it'll have to be The Craziest Paradigm and Citron and Guavaberry. They put in so much effort into their blogs and their posts are always so original and I read every single word of it.

p.s. please don't be offended if I didn't mention you, I'm such a forgetful person, I remember all the small, unimportant things and forget the really important stuff!

I can't wait to check out their blogs! Now, is there anything you simply can't leave the house without?

Probably my phone, and sometimes my purse.

What are your makeup bag must haves?

Ooh that's a toughie, because I am such a hoarder, I feel like I need to put everything into my make up bag because I seem to think that I'll need everything in case of an "emergency"...  But probably mascara, concealer and eyeshadow palette.

Sounds just like me! Can you advise us, what four beauty related things do you think girls should do religiously?

I don't think there's anything that a girl should do, because you don't have to if you don't want to and some girls just aren't into beauty. And also if I did say anything then it would be really hypocritical because I never keep to any beauty routines...

I definitely agree, it's all about the individual! So, where do you see your blog in a year? Do you have any special posts coming up?

I would definitely see my writing improving because most people say in their "About" page that the reason they started their blog is because they love writing but not me! I suck at English. And I also would want to make more blogger friends (aw friends, blogger friends). Also I have some special New Year posts coming up but apart from that I'm actually having trouble coming up with post ideas :/

I've noticed on your blog that you're a studio Ghibli fan! Me too! Do you have a favourite SG film?

Ahhhh, join the fandom! I have 3 favourite, (in order), Howl's Movingg Castle, Princess Mononoke and Sprited Away. I don't really like the new ones, it just feels like they're lacking something.

And lastly, if you could give one piece of advice to aspiring bloggers, what would it be?

I'm terrible at advice, but I'll try. 

My biggest advice is to blog about what you want, just because other people are doing outfit posts, doesn't mean that you have to. And when you see someone suddenly getting a lot more popularity because they had written a really good post, or started a poplar trend (like Stephanie's SO Project), don't try to copy it just to get more popularity, it just won't work, I cringe every time when I see a new "Project" created by someone. And be patient and work on your blog while you have a small amount of readers, because even when I started blogging, I thought I would gain 100000 followers overnight, but in reality that is never going to happen because your first few posts is likely to be not very good. (I'm not critisising, I'm just speaking from my experience)
This isn't an advice, but more of a pet peeve, DO NOT post follow for a follow comments, I did a post on this because it was that frustrating. If you're blogging just to get followers then just get out.

Some great advice, patience and hard work really is key! Thank you so much Yige for agreeing to be interviewed, it's been great to get to know you a little better! 

For more inspiring posts from Yige, check out her blog 

We hope you enjoyed this interview. I'm planning on interviewing many more bloggers as it's a great way to get the word out about their awesome blogs and get to know the amazing bloggers behind them a bit better! If you're a blogger and are interested in becoming an interviewee or would like to guest post on Head-full-of-flowers, please do contact me via the contact page or tweet me @Liz___zie as I'd love for you to be involved!
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