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Guest post: 'Heart Out' | Primark P.S. Love Range

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‘Heart Out’ | Primark P.S. Love Range

So Primark released some makeup last week – I’m still not quite sure what to make of that. But, I decided to pick up two products to start off with, just to see what to expect and I’m quite surprised.

Anyone who reads my blog will know my obsession with lipsticks (especially the ones of the pink variety) so I decided to give their pink one a try.

Okay so I love the colour, it is a lovely ‘Barbie’ pink which is my favourite kind of lipstick pink, but unfortunately it doesn’t last forever and it isn’t very easily applied. It also has a very distinct ‘sweet’ smell, I still haven’t decided whether it actually bothers me or not – but just as a word of warning be prepared for the smell! At £1 though, you can’t really go wrong and for that price it is actually a pretty good lipstick and the colour is really beautiful.

The other product I picked up for just £1.50 is literally perfect. It is their Kohl Eye Liner, which I love. In this photo you can see I’ve used it just below my eye (the top is a liquid eyeliner reviewed on my blog too) and it works so well and applies really quickly and easily. 

I would definitely recommend this product if maybe your looking for something so you can do eyeliner quickly, and this comes in lovely packaging so you can chuck it in your bag and take it on-the-go!

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  1. I love primark beauty products, you get what you pay but makes for great variety xxx

  2. loved this post! great pictures. Been thinking about picking up that kohl eye liner, thanks for the review:-)x


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