Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A week or so of instagram

 Celebrating the creative minds of the Lumiere Brothers. La Voyage dans la lune
When monkeys will fly, when geniuses will create.

 From my FOT-other-D!

Brush marks. Dug out my GCSE art folder.

Subbuteo crime: working on a new film storyboard

 And no week of instagram is complete without my B.

Dinner date

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday,

P.s Thanks to everyone who entered the DIVERGENT giveaway and joined in debating which faction they'd be in! The comments were brilliant! Congrats to the lovely winner :)


  1. Cute post :)

  2. You have very nice eyes <3 and you're very cute!
    I have a cat too. I'm a cat lover <3

    Andera |


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