Sunday, 16 March 2014

BNC 'Beauty no cruelty' project


Many of us buy beauty products from companies whom sell in countries where animal testing is mandatory. But we don't have to.

My plan is to host a series of 'tutorials', by different bloggers, using only cruelty free beauty products to raise awareness about animal testing and show you how you can still achieve great looks using 100% cruelty free products!

But there's a flaw in my plan,

I need bloggers with a passion for cruelty free beauty!

You get to choose your look- 'party', 'everyday', 'boho' etc

 (the more different the looks, the better!)

You post the look on your blog along with the products you used and send me the link along with a picture of the 'finished product'. I'm going to create a blogroll specifically for this project linking to each of your posts. I will also create individual posts showing your finished look along with the link to your post. I hope in the future that this project will extend on from  tutorials to personal story posts, favourite cruelty free products etc. If you're more into that kind of post rather than a FOTD/tutorial then definitely let me know as that would be great!

If you decide to get involved, it would also be great if you attached the below button (linking it to the projects page) to your sidebar. Even better would be if you could write a post about the project itself: these are just suggestions however and completely up to you, they're just extra  ideas for raising awareness!

I do ask that no-one goes out of their way to buy products specifically for this project and note that you don't have to be an exclusive 'cruelty free' blogger to be involved!

 F/E- If you only have an eye shadow palette from a cruelty free brand, you could create an 'EOTD' post with it! This is all about getting people to consider swapping a couple of their staple beauty products to cruelty free alternatives and if we can do that, as small as it sounds, we've really achieved something!

If you'd like to get involved, which would be awesome, you can email me @
and I'll get back to you sharpish with more details.

This will be an ongoing project.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read,
and a big thank you to those who've already said they'll be involved!
It's so appreciated.



  1. Can't wait to get involved with this! Great idea. Expect an email soon! :) xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. eeek would love for you to be involved! email on way! xx


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