Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cancer awareness selfies

After reading quite a few negative tweets including 'Donate money, don't take bloody selfies' I felt compelled to write a little post on my thoughts concerning the cancer awareness selfies that have been circulating the world wide web today.

I'll start with my overriding point: 

I think it's fantastic.

Raising awareness is a key aspect in fundraising for any cause. Remember all those chemistry lessons? Think of taking selfies as acting like a catalyst:

Selfies= awareness=donations.

Change the first link in the chain to whatever you like: sky diving, climbing, a blog post. Whatever the means of raising awareness, you'll still end up with the same outcome.

Not only this, but just as importantly, the people taking these selfies are offering support and a sense of togetherness for those who may feel pretty alone right now dealing with something that an awful lot of us cannot even comprehend. People uniting together to show cancer patients and their families that they are cared for, valued and that people want to get involved in helping to raise awareness about something that effects their lives everyday means something. It's a huge deal.

Perhaps I should re-write the chain slightly.

Selfies= awareness= donations
                                                    = a loving support system

So, to the skeptical tweeters I challenge you to go get a flannel, wash off the concealer and take a selfie.

It'll do more than you realise.

Thanks for reading,


  1. This is lovely and so apt for people who are not getting the concept, or the point. Those people in life are ones that are willing to contest everything I think...:) xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jess, I think you're probably right!

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog post! You're pretty without make up on!
    Now following you on GFC! My blog is at if you want to have another look/follow! (: ♥

  3. Lovely pic, Lizzie! I totally agree with you. It's a shame people are making negative comments about this. I did my selfie yesterday and donated £3 to Cancer Research. And it just shows that this actually works because I've read that with over 800,000 text donations, people have helped raise £1million for Cancer Research! xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. awee thanks Emma! I completely agree and it's great that you got involved and donated- so admirable! Wow at the £1m too-just goes to show these things really do make a big difference. L xo

  4. Such an amazing post, I totally agree with you. And you're so pretty with no makeup on!
    Have a nice weekend :) xoxo

    1. thank you lovely! have a wonderful weekend


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