Thursday, 1 May 2014

DIY makeup: Base - tinted moisturiser and loose powder

How are you?

As some of you will know, I've been on a mission to go 100% natural and homemade when it comes to my skincare and hair care. As that has been going so great, I've now finally delved into the world of homemade cosmetics-and I'm really really loving it. 

So, naturally, I just had to share my newest recipes with you! Today I'm going to focus just on base makeup including tinted moisturiser (light foundation/bb cream) and loose powder. You only need a few ingredients and minimal equipment making this DIY so cheap, effective and not forgetting- good for you and the bunnies!

What you will need:


Makeup containers or recycled jars/pots/containers

Mixing bowl



Ground arrowroot

Organic 100% cocoa powder

Tinted moisturiser extras required:

Moisturiser (DIY to come)

1/2 tsp water or essential oil

(You can also add a drop of essential oil to the mineral powder mix if you want it more contact)

Note: If you have very yellow undertones, add a touch of cinnamon or for very pink undertones you can add dried hibiscus or dried beetroot

Recipe 1: Loose powder

This loose powder recipe works great as a light base on its own for good skin days and summer holidays but is even better acting as the perfect sealant for concealer or foundation.

How to make:

Please note that quantities should be adjusted according to your skin tone and the quantity desired

Mix 2 tbsp arrowroot powder with cocoa powder in a mixing bowl

Keep adding cocoa powder little by little until suits desired skin tone

For pink undertones add a little dried hibiscus, for yellow add a little cinnamon

Mix really well, you don't want any cocoa lumps hanging about!

If you prefer compact powder add a few drops essential oil

Now pot!

To use: Take a large kabuki brush and sweep over face to set makeup in place

Recipe 2: Tinted moisturiser 

(not blended left, partially blended right)

This is a very light foundation formula or perhaps more appropriately a 'tinted moisturiser'. It contains all natural ingredients and you can either use the DIY moisturiser I will be uploading soon (so it really is 100% natural!) or your favourite shop brought moisturiser. The creamy formula takes a little blending but once you've got it on and set with a loose powder, you're good to go for the whole day. It will not conceal large blemishes but it's great for evening out skin tone and adding radiance (so perfect for summer!)

To make:

Mix 3 tbsp ground arrowroot powder with 3-4 tbsp moisturiser (you'll be able to judge the consistency you want)

Next slowly add in cocoa powder until you get the desired colour. I'm very pale so I only added around 1 tsp. 

Next add in your drop of water or essential oil and stir until every things completely mixed and of a desirable consistency.

You can also add cinnamon/hibiscus/beetroot if you like if you feel the colour is not quite right.

And pot!

To use: This foundation works best with a sponge but you can use fingers or a foundation brush if you prefer. Blend well into skin and set with a loose powder.

I hope you've enjoyed this DIY. Next time I'll be focusing on blusher, bronzer and eventually eye makeup and lip products!

Hope you're having a wonderful day

Lots of love


This post is part of the #BNCproject which you can find out all about here

Please be aware of the ingredients used. Do not use ingredients if allergic or have a feeling you may be and always do a patch test (as you would hair dye) Always consult a doctor if you find any irritability to the skin and discontinue use immediately. 


  1. I need to try the powder!! And in those jars they look soo cute and pretty :) Great post as always Liz!! xx Agostina

    1. Thanks Agostina, hope you enjoy. Have a lovely weekend!

    2. Thank you! You too :) xx

  2. This is AWESOME! I have wanted to go natural for a while which is why I converted to Lush but this is such an amazing idea! xxxx

    1. oo that's great! Lush is amazing :D Thanks Jess, have a lovely weekend!

  3. I love natural make up! Need to try your recipe for tinted moisturiser :)

    Cinnamon Girl

    1. I hope you like it!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend,
      L xo


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