Monday, 26 May 2014

graze for free!

Free Graze Box

How are you?

Have you heard about Graze snack boxes? Graze was started by 7 friends with a passion for food who wanted to get more out of their snacking. Six years on and they're still creating delicious new snacks from flapjacks and brownies to nuts and omega-3 rich seeds! You can choose from 100+ tasty treats to customize your hand-picked snack box that will then be delivered right to your home or work via free delivery.

Free Graze Box

And better yet, you can get your first one free * offer for new customers only* by clicking here with the option to continue or cancel your subscription after you've had the chance to taste some of the delicious goodies! If you do decide to carry on with your subscription, you'll also get your fifth box free! 

I love graze and the way that it has completely re-invented the way I snack: I get to hand pick what I fancy from a huge variety of yummy snacks without the hassle of having to traipse through the shops isle after isle. Plus, they're so yummy! I 100% recommend giving them a try, it's free!

Free Graze Box

Happy grazing!



  1. Not a massive fan of healthy foods myself (I'm terrible, I know!) but I loved the flapjacks when I got a box once! What did you have in yours? :)

    Frankie x

    1. aw hehe, I know the feeling- graze box followed by a mars bar haha (ssh!)
      I love the chilli rice crackers and the jaffa cake alternative- so good!

  2. I keep getting the vouchers for these! They look perfect! What do you reccommend?

    Hannah xx


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