Monday, 5 May 2014

Sunshine and a homemade FOTD

The sun appears to have stolen my eyebrow.

How are you?

Before I begin this 'FOTD' I just want to say thank you to the weather for being exceptionally gorgeous today here in England. It was so lovely in fact that unwilling to give up a day in this beautiful sunshine, I took to the garden to go about my work. 

And of course, shortly after sitting down with my essay and cup of tea, I was joined by my little man eager to play. How could I refuse him 10 minutes of fetch and selfie taking?!

oh dear.

Be careful what you put on the internet, kids.

So on with the FOTD!

Today was an incredibly exciting day for the land of my face: like usual, the products I put on 'it' were all cruelty free and vegan however today, even more excitingly, a lot of them were homemade by yours truly!

I thought I'd taken more pictures but apparently not!

Products used:

Tinted moisturiser and face powder- homemade, recipe here

Concealer- MUA stick concealer in fair

Lipstick- MUA matte lipstick-pouty pink

Blush/bronzer- homemade- recipe to come!

Brown eyeshadow hues- homemade- recipe to come!

Sparkle eye shadow- laval roll-on eye shimmer dust- white haze

Eye liner- MUA waterproof liner- Jet Black

Mascara- MUA waterproof mascara- Jet Black

Eyebrows- Laval eyebrow pencil-dark brown

It was a really proud moment for me applying my own handmade products haha! I'm so pleased with the shades too, and it's been nice to know what has actually gone into my makeup, and on my face, for a change! 

Have you ever tried DIY makeup?

Hope you've had a wonderfully sunny day



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