Saturday, 3 May 2014

The health cloud: Organic Wheatgrass Powder review

How are you?

My health has been amazing lately, not to mention my skin.



 As someone with incredibly long week days including 4-5 hours of travelling daily, you can imagine-I get very very tired. To help keep my energy levels boosted I like to make sure that I'm watching what I put into my body.

Recently I had the chance to try out organic wheatgrass powder, a green powder and one of the new range of geo supplements available at the health cloud online. Wheatgrass is made from the very early leaves of the common wheat plant that are packed full of nutrients including vitamins and minerals essential to good health but also beneficial enzymes and phenolic compounds.

This wheatgrass powder is organic plus gluten and soya free so you can be rest assured that you're consuming 100% organic, nutritional goodness. 

The earthy tones of mineral and vitamin packed wheatgrass make for a wonderful addition to your breakfast smoothie that will improve your overall health. 

Since adding a few scoops of wheatgrass to my morning breakfast smoothie I've truly been reaping the very many benefits. Amongst other things, wheatgrass helps your body to build red blood cells; red blood cells carry oxygen around the body: by increasing oxygenation in the body you can help counteract smog and carbon monoxide helping to keep your airways open and smog free. I mention this because as an asthma sufferer I struggle with even the lightest spray of deodorant around me- not forgetting how bad my exercise endurance can be at times, but since discovering wheatgrass, I've found that my asthma has been much more under control,which for me, is absolutely amazing.

With nutritional equivalent of 23 pounds worth of vegetables I can honestly not recommend this powder more.There's so many benefits to it. For example: 70% of wheatgrass in juice form contains chlorophyll which has been proven to provide an environment that bacteria dislike meaning it greatly helps in keeping the lurgy at bay.

So why choose to buy from the health cloud?

The health cloud isn't just any old online health company: they are a community providing a place for like-minded people to share ideas and inspire good health. The cloud contains articles, user blogs, recipes and more so you know that when you buy, you're supporting a community, not just another company. The store does not contain every health product you can think of: each product has been carefully selected and researched to ensure that they meet the high standards they know their customers deserve so you and I can shop with the confidence that our carts are full of only the best, highest quality produce. The health cloud also provide free shipping so you needn't worry about any hidden costs plus being the reputable, thoughtful company they are: 5% of net profit from your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice! Not only this but they also have astounding ethics and always, where applicable, ensure their products are fair trade, sustainably produced and certified organic. Yeah, they really are that perfect.

So... how do I use wheatgrass powder?

Easy, just add to your favourite juices and smoothies!

However, to give you a little inspiration, here's my recipe for the perfect-wheatgrass included- breakfast smoothie that will boost your energy to help you through the day! Of course you can make up whatever smoothie or juice you like, just remember to add a few scoops of wheatgrass alongside your favourite fruits- you won't be disappointed!

Please note that due to its fibrous nature, wheatgrass must be liquefied before consumption


1 cup fresh orange juice
2 scoops wheatgrass powder
1 chopped banana
1/2 cup frozen summer fruits
1/2 cup natural yoghurt
1/2 cup pineapple

To make:

Pop all the ingredients together into a blender, blend well and then serve and enjoy!

I hope you're now considering incorporating a geo supplement into your diet: just a small scoop a few times a week can benefit you more than I can say.

If you do fancy adding wheatgrass powder to your diet, you can do so *here*
And don't just take my word for it, here's another review from a fellow blogger for you to check out!

Happy supplement shopping!

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  1. This sounds awesome! I'll definitely be looking into this. :) xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. I definitely recommend- just a warning, it does absolutely stink haha (can't remember if i mentioned that) but I promise you don't notice it one bit when it's in a juice :)


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