Monday, 9 June 2014

DIY bronzer, loose and cream

How are you?

Today I'm going to be showing you how to make bronzer: both a loose powder version and a creamy compact version that will cost only a few pennies and a few minutes of your time!

What you will need:

For loose bronzer:

Corn flour or arrow root powder (I used a mix)
Cocoa powder

For creamy compact bronzer:
Corn flour or arrow root powder (I used a mix)
Cocoa powder
Cinnamon (adds sheen)
Vanilla essence

I have not written measurements purposefully as it really is a matter of adjusting quantities to suit your personal desired colour/sheen. 

Please be aware of the ingredients listed and don't use anything if you think or know will take unfavourable effect! 

To make the loose bronzer simply mix 1 part cinnamon, 1 part cocoa powder to 2 parts arrowroot/cornstarch and adjust quantities from there. Mix very well! Store in a jar or makeup container and use as required.

To make the compact creamy bronzer follow the same steps as above and then add a few drops of vanilla essence until a thick, dough-like paste is formed. Next, press down firmly into a small circular container using fingers. Use as required.

The result!

Colours will vary

And there you have it, two cheap, easy and completely natural homemade bronzers!

I hope you've enjoyed this DIY, let me know if you try it out!

Until next time!
I hope you're having a wonderful start to the week,


  1. This is amazing Lizzie! Definitely something I'd like to try, sounds brilliant and I bet it smells so nice too! xx

    1. It really does smell good haha, like vanilla-ry hot chocolate!
      Thanks Abbie! Hope you like it if you try it out
      Have a lovely week :D


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