Thursday, 19 June 2014

Feel unique newsletter!

How are you?

Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite online beauty stores...

Founded in 2005, Feel unique are currently Europe's largest online premium beauty retailer. With over 500 brands to choose from, they are THE place for designer labels, household names and niche, cult beauty brands, all on one online space. Unlike many other beauty retailers, they work directly with manufacturers to bring customers over 18,500 products straight from the brands themselves, guaranteeing authenticity. 

Feel Unique is more than just a beauty emporium, it's a philosophy. Feel unique believe that feeling unique is about being yourself, finding what suits you and bringing out the best of what you have naturally: celebrating being unique is their mission and what they facilitate.

By signing up to Feel Unique, you can take advantage of special newsletter offers, promo codes and even get 15% off your first order!

If you fancy signing up to the Feel Unique newsletter and taking advantage of 15% off your first order you can do so here!

Feel Unique £5 Off, Feel Unique discount

Happy shopping!


  1. I love feelunique, i order so much from them! They often have good deals/discounts off!
    xprincessjas | xx

    1. awee im glad, me too!
      Hope you have a lovely weekend Jasmine, thanks so much for stopping by

  2. I've never ordered from them before, but I'll check them out and sign up! Thanks! :) xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. they have so many good deals-definitely worth a look! =]

  3. HEY LIZZIE!! Once again love the post!! I must say although I've never actually ordered anything off of Feel Unique I have browsed on their site and have been really tempted by their prices. Maybe now I might go and have a little look as we speak!
    Lots of love, hope you're having a fab weekend! xxx

    1. Hi Abbie! Thank you! And they're definitely worth a little look-I've picked up some real bargains! xx

    2. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend too!


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