Saturday, 30 August 2014

Meet the blogger series: Tania | Beautiful Avenger

Welcome Tania! 

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? 

- I'm a 21 year old supermarket cashier who really enjoys writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics, along with anything nerdy or geeky! I've had my blog going for little under a year and I'm still amazed that people actually read it! I spend most of the time at work thinking about what content I can use!

What first attracted you to the world of fashion and beauty blogging?

- I was looking for a new clothes website and came across a few blogs in my search and I thought they were really interesting, and through those blogs I discovered the beauty blogs and fell in love. I loved that people were reviewing products and it seemed a lot of fun, so I wrote a few posts on makeup I had in my room and it took off from there. A google search is the reason I started!

You also make Youtube videos?! Please tell us more about that!

- Yes I do! My old channel, Tania Pryer (, was just something I used for random videos of outings, holidays and anything I thought was funny. That eventually lead to some haul videos. I then had some issues with that account so had to make a new one, which I named after my blog. So I can now be found at Beautiful Avenger Vlog ( I really just enjoy making the videos even if no one sees them. I like to share my holiday videos with the world for reason at all! But I'm trying to use my new one for hauls and personal vlogs so people can get to know me better. I really like the editing process as well.


What are your 5 makeup must haves?

- Concealer. I only started using this in January and it is a beauty must have.

- Mascara as this make my eyes look a lot bigger.

- A good foundation. I use one that has yellow undertones as I've got red blotches in places and this is a god send!
- Micellar cleansing water. Before discovering the Garnier one, I don't think I ever took my makeup off before bed. Now I do!
- Real Technique's brushes. Technically not makeup, but without the right tools the makeup just doesn't work as well for me.

Tools definitely count and I so agree!

 As a fellow Disney addict, I have to ask, what’s your favourite Disney movie and why?

- This is something I change my mind on every time someone asks me. My top two are Mulan and Tangled... Today I shall say Tangled and I love it because I've only seen it once (in January this year) and I've got the soundtrack! I need to watch it again actually. Rapunzel is a little clumsy like I am, and I just thought the film was amazing. I am still traumatized that her hair got chopped off. 

Tangled's always a winner and you can't beat colours of the wind! Speaking of favourites, who would you say are your favourite bloggers?

- My favourite blogger is a wonder girl who I've had the pleasure of talking to a number of times and I know if I am having a blogger dilemma, she is on hand! Stacey from who has an amazing beauty blog which has swayed my opinion on a number of products, and she has been so patient with all my blogger questions in the past few months! She also wrote a how-to guide for blog designs and I use that every time my blog gets a makeover. I also really enjoy Louise of SprinkleofGlitter fame's blog, along side Jim Chapman's blog who gives a great insight into the world of male fashion! 

Couldn't agree more, they're all fab!
 Lastly, can you tell us what the future holds for your blog?

- Hopefully the future of my blog will feature my one year blogging anniversary which is at the end of September and I'm also hoping to do a lot more fashion and lifestyle posts to mix in with the massive influx of beauty posts I've been doing lately. I'd also like to try and do something similar to this interview as well! 

That all sounds great! And huge congratulations on your upcoming 1st blogging anniversary!


Thanks so much to the wonderful Tania for being here today!

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  1. Literally concealer has been my god send and like Tania I only started using it recently I can't believe I hadn't before?!Tangled is awesome too!!! xx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I had no idea what it was even for until I watched some YouTube videos and now I'm hooked on it :) xx


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