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Wu Tao | Self Healing Home study course | Week 1

How are you?!
Recently I've been very lucky to of had the chance to sign up to the Wu Tao self healing home study course. As I love both dance and natural therapies such as kundalini yoga, I jumped at the chance to try out this amazing course for myself. 
When you sign up to the course you get:
  • Weekly 'self healing' eclasses sent directly to your email
  • Access to the members only website
  • A community of like minded people to share your experiences with
  • 2 individual mentoring sessions with Michelle Locke
  • Monthly newsletters 
  • and lots more!

    So, what is Wu Tao?
    ''Wu Tao is a dance-based therapy, [created by Australian ballet dancer Michelle Lock], that balances and harmonises the flow of Qi (life-force energy in the body). It has its foundations in Oriental Medicine, and similar to Tai Chi and Qi Gong it is a system of healing, with a wholistic philosophy and practice, that restores balance to the person on all levels. Wu Tao is a dance therapy that can be done at every stage of life.
    The main form of Wu Tao is a series of dances that balance the Qi. This is achieved by activating and stretching the channels (called meridians), which are the pathways through which the Qi energy flows. Each dance, (there are 5) works on balancing two meridians, which belong to a particular element. (eg. Kidney / Bladder Meridians belong to the Water element).
    The dances are learned and then performed to beautiful melodic music which corresponds with the particular energy and quality of the element for which it is used. The end result is an experience of beauty, harmony and balance, physically, energetically and mentally, during and after performing the dances. While having the same benefits as tai chi moves, Wu Tao tones the body more, stretching out every muscle and joint gently and easily.
    Wu Tao is both movement and stillness. Doing and Being. It encourages the development of these qualities and an experience of being in the flow of the life-force. In Wu Tao, while one is focused on ‘doing’ the routine with the music, the mind becomes still and the body poised and balanced.

     Wu Tao is the ultimate stress management system! As it moves the energy through the body, the mind and emotions are cleared and balance is restored on every level. For people who love to dance it is the ideal healthy exercise program!''
    Week 1 in Review
    Notes on Eclass 1:

    The eclass went into great depth about what exactly Wu Tao is and how it can help to restore balance in your life.I loved learning about the five elements correspondence to 12 meridians and organs and about the wonderful things that can happen when you let go of old energy. Wu Tao appears to be all about releasing old negative energy and letting in positive 'life' energy or 'Qi'. I am so exited for the coming lessons as each will provide an opportunity to explore another dimension of the life energy that is all around us.

    Notes on dances:

    This week I have been learning the Air Dance. The air element works on the lung and large intestine channels. It is the emotion of grief and the colour white. The dance helps to transform, release and let go of old energy. I found the more I practiced the dance, the more emotion would come to surface that I could then let go of. Learning to feel these hard emotions freely without resistance and without feeling as if that particular emotion defines my being, allowed me to let go of an awful lot of the anxiety and negative energies that have been parading my head for some time. I have been finding the air dance incredibly therapeutic, my mind feels less cluttered and overall I have felt much calmer and contended the past few days.

    If you would like to find out more about Wu Tao and how you can begin your journey of restoring balance to your being, you can visit the Wu Tao website here.
    I'll make sure to update you next week with how I'm getting on.

    Thanks for stopping by
    Wishing you a wonderful week

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