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Sanctuary spa Brightening facial in-a-box | Review

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So recently my beautiful big sister Rebecca celebrated her 23rd birthday and as a gift I brought her Sanctuary spa's 'brightening facial in-a-box' along with the promise of pampering her one evening! We had a lot of fun trying out Sanctuary Spa's products on her, watching Made In Chelsea and sharing giggles from the week.

Because we both loved the idea of an 'at home spa' and think it would make for a lovely Christmas gift, today I'm going to be sharing with you mine and Rebecca's thoughts on Sanctuary Spa's very own facial in-a-box!

The box contains:

1x Facial cloth
1x Polishing hot cloth cleanser
1x Radiance Exfoliator
1x Moisture Boosting Mask
1x Moisture Lotion SPF15
1x Eye Gel

''Our spa facials are famous for leaving the skin glowing, with a luminous, dewy finish.
The Brightening Facial in a Box allows you to recreate that much-loved spa glow at home, making every day a special occasion. That’s why we’ve put together this 30 minute step-by-step spa facial treatment.
Designed to be used together, each product is enhanced by the others so you’ll notice a visible difference to your skin & a beautiful radiant finish.''
Step 1) The deep cleanse

''The essential first step to glowing skin, few women spend enough time or cleanse their skin in the right way. This double cleanse with polishing hot cloth is so effective it's like a mini-facial in its own right.''

To use, we soaked the hot cloth in warm water, dampened the face and then applied the cleanser all over in circular motions. After rinsing and repeating we soaked the cloth in cold water to close the pores.

The cleanser has a mild cocoa like fragrance with a very creamy, light texture. It is incredibly gentle on the skin, combats redness and leaves the skin silky and smooth with a noticeably brighter, healthier looking complexion.

Step 2) Time to exfoliate

 ''The single most effective way to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Exfoliation also prepares the skin to receive the other products and absorb them more effectively.''

 To use the exfoliator we lightly dampened the face as before and applied the radiance exfoliator in circular motions.

We really liked how gentle this exfoliator was; often exfoliators can feel quite harsh on the skin with typically large micro beads however the radiance exfoliator wasn't at all 'scratchy'. Exfoliating is incredibly important for a good skincare regime; exfoliating removes dead skin cells allowing your skin to have a healthy glow and be able to absorb moisturisers more effectively. The radiance exfoliator definitely does what it's meant to do. The only qualm I can think of is that it did leave the skin looking a little red, however after a few minutes, we found this calmed down.

Step 3) Treat yourself

''Once or twice a week a treatment mask can work to pump up moisture levels in skin, providing the boost it needs for a dewy-fresh complexion.''

Applying directly onto towel dried skin, we left the mask on for about 20 minutes and then rinsed well.

The packet contains a fair amount of product, enough for 3-4 treatments. The mask, alike the cleanser, is incredibly soft and creamy and after 20 minutes we found the skin to be incredibly smooth, dewy and hydrated. I think this was Becsy's favourite product!

Step 4) Targeted treatment

''Your eyes are one of your best features so you need to take care of the delicate skin around them. We call this treatment stage our secret weapon. ''
Dotting a little underneath the eye, we gently patted the gel allowing it to soak into the skin.
The gel is very hydrating and gentle, leaving the under eye area smooth and visibly brighter.
Step 5) Hydrate and protect

''Skin needs hydration to stop it looking dull and lifeless, but it also needs to be protected with a combination of ingredients including SPF - these protect it from the sun, free radicals and the signs of ageing. This moisturiser provides 24 hour hydration to keep skin bright and luminous.''

Applying in circular motions and really allowing time for the product to soak in, we found the illuminating moisturiser to be the perfect finish to the whole facial experience. The moisturiser was silky and hydrating and left the skin looking even healthier with a glowing complexion.

All in all, me and Becs really loved Sanctuary Spa's brightening facial in-a-box and would definitely recommend it for gifts or to anyone looking to emulate a 'spa glow' at home whenever you want, without the added price tag! Sanctuary Spa also sell other facials in-a-box with the option to purchase the products separately. They also sell a wide range of other skin and body care products as well as gift sets.
If you'd like, you can purchase Sanctuary Spa's brightening facial in-a-box online for £16.50 here or online/in store Boots and Debenhams. They are also available in some factory shops and chemists for a fraction of the price.
And if you'd like to know more about their fantastic animal testing policy, click here for their full disclosure.
 A big thanks to my beautiful sister for featuring on the blog today and for both demonstrating and reviewing Sanctuary Spa's lovely products! It's always great to spend time together and I'm glad you enjoyed our girly evening!
Have you ever tried any Sanctuary Spa products?
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  1. Great post, Lizzie, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product! I saw these recently in a Factory Shop and thought they'd make excellent gifts. Glad to hear they work so well. I love Sanctuary products. :) xxx
    Just Emma

    1. Thanks Emma! Glad you found this helpful, I hadn't heard of sanctuary before so really exited to try out some of their other products! xo

  2. The products look lovely, and what a great idea for a present. So sweet and toughtful of you. Amazing post :)

    x, Daniela.

  3. I LOVE Sanctuary in general but havent seen or heard of this before, this would be a lovely present to MOI ;) xxx



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