Saturday, 25 April 2015


To all the wonderful Head Full of Flowers readers,

This is Lizzie’s family. Firstly, we are sorry that this has taken so long to do.

It is with an unimaginably heavy heart that we have to tell you all that beautiful Lizzie passed away on Thursday October 23rd 2014 following an asthma attack a few days earlier.

Head Full of Flowers had become a huge part of Lizzie’s life; she loved to share the things that mattered to her. We are so proud of everything she wrote, from her wonderful makeup tutorials (especially the DIY makeup recipes!), to her anecdotal, hilarious blogs (particularly when her beloved Barnaby was involved!) and perhaps most especially, of the extraordinarily mature and thoughtful pieces she wrote about the causes and charities that meant something to her.

As a family we feel that it is right to address two issues regarding Lizzie’s passing in the hope that we can honour our most favourite of people.

Firstly, please don’t underestimate asthma. It is not only asthma; it is a chronic, life-threatening illness.

We would have done anything to make sure that she could have stayed with us but tragically we had no options available to change what happened. However, Lizzie - though not on the organ donor register - had made it clear that this was something she believed was important, and would do. As a result we were without doubt that we should agree to Lizzie’s viable organs being used for transplantation.

We understand completely that this is a highly emotional and subjective issue and are not about to make judgments on anyone for their choices; we know how it feels to be sat there with the question over you before you’ve even had a chance for the loss to sink in.

In everything we went through, this is the only thing whereby we did have the power to change something and for us it would have been a complete disservice to who our Liz was as a person to not permit her to give such precious gifts. For her, life was about being good to other people. Always.

Knowing that Lizzie was able to save the number of lives that she did is an extraordinary comfort. Other people are still with their loved ones because of Lizzie’s selflessness and bravery.  

If this is something you have thought about before but never got around to doing (just like Lizzie!), you can register on the Donor Register here.

Lizzie was a remarkable human being. Kind, gentle, forgiving, and full of goodness. She loved life, despite the things that it threw at her. Without her there is a devastating loneliness in all of our lives, and we suspect that there may be a small one in some of yours too. We know how much Lizzie loved all of her readers for popping by to see what she was up to, crusading for, or learning about.

Whether you knew her in the real world, the cyber world, or somewhere in between, just remember – every now and again – to stop, watch the world go by, and enjoy a few moments with your head full of flowers.

We are turning Head Full of Flowers into a book. If you would like to leave a few words below we will include them in it.



  1. I was so sad when I learned of Lizzie's passing. Although we never met in real life, I saw her as a good friend, and always enjoyed reading her blog. I am so sorry for your loss; Lizzie came across as such a kind and thoughtful person; I wish I'd had the pleasure of meeting her!
    Love, Emma xxx - a fellow blogger from - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

  2. Lizzie's blog was always a breath of fresh air. She's so down to earth and she really was a lovely girl. While I never spoke to her directly, just being able to read her posts made me feel like a friend and I was truly grateful to have that in my life.
    Your family and Lizzie are in my thoughts. Lizzie was an amazing girl and I think the idea of a book is a great way to honour her memory.
    Sarah x

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I am a religious reader of her blog (from new zealand) and absolutely love her diy recipes. My thoughts are with you through this tough time x

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. I am a religious reader of her blog (from new zealand) and absolutely love her diy recipes. My thoughts are with you through this tough time x

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of Lizzie's passing and I'm incredibly sorry for your loss. It's clear through her blog that Lizzie was a kind and generous person. I'm so proud that she was able to help others after her passing. The gift of life is the most wondrous gift and Lizzie was so wonderful for doing that <3

  6. I am so sorry. I am deeply heartbroken and all of my thoughts are with you at this time. I am sorry that I never got to meet Lizzie in person,but we became friends through her amazing blog. She was an amazing person. Rest In Peace beautiful. I will love you forever Lizzie, Cathy xxx

  7. I am deeply saddened to hear about Lizzies passing.
    I have a small business where I make and sell my own jewellery/drawings and I use my blog as a way to share this with the world ( but I struggle hugely with confidence at times.
    Lizzie found my blog from twitter and since then, every now and again she would comment on my blog pots/tweet me/like my posts on facebook.
    The reason I share this, is that I want you to know how much she impacted my life through her words. She was always so lovely, and for someone like me who doubts themselves, these words were a huge boost. Her kindness never failed to give me a smile on my face and I will never forget what a beautiful soul she was.
    Even the smallest amount of kindness can make a big impact.

  8. I am speechless.
    Browsing through blog when i read this new I was in shock . It took few moments for the news to sink in .
    Lizzie was my first ever blog follower and she encouraged to go on writing. I am deeply sadden to know she is no longer with us :( . Lizzie was sweet caring and really uplifting person. Always use to comment on my blogpost :) bring a smile on my face , Ill never forget her, she was a beautiful human being.
    Sorry for your loss . I just lost my father in march and can totally understand the feeling of loosing your special one and no one can do anything about it. No words can ease the pain . its a grief that will always be with you.
    I will pray that may Lizzie Rest in Peace .
    I love you Lizzie to my core.
    Thank you for being and for being such a amazing person.
    Loads of Love

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